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CALMAX Thermoplastic Road Markings
CALMAX Thermoplastic Road Markings
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CALMAX Thermoplastic Road Markings

CALMAX Thermoplastic Road Markings


The main difference between the Thermoplastic Road Marking material and general solvent road line paints is that it does not contain any solvent, thus offering each coating of 1.5-2.0mm which is 10-20 times thicker than the solvent coating: Its drying speed is very fast, about 3-4 minutes, and the coating is more anti-abrasion. These characteristics are exactly ideal elements for the road marking construction; therefore, such kind of road marking material has been widely used by many countries around the world, almost replacing the solvent road line paints. It is melted into the fluid at a high-temperature (170℃-220℃), and then applied on the road surface through a marking device. After being cooled naturally, a quick-dry, thick, and bright marking line is formed.


CALMAX Thermoplastic is a brand of Yeng Hsingh Co., Ltd. (YHC).

Our company has been researching and developing innovative and durable road marking materials for over 35 years. The association of our technological know-how with years of practical experience in road marking allows YHC through its CALMAX brand to provide its customers not only with the best products but also total solutions. We can customize our products according to customers’ requirements such as AASHTO-M249, BS3262, JIS K5665, CNS-1333, etc. which are used in different countries.


  • Clear and distinct marking with night reflectivity.
  • Weather- and wear-resistant, can be used more than one year under normal traffic conditions.
  • Dries quickly after application, minimal impact on vehicle and pedestrian flow.
  • The marking surface has anti-dirt and anti-skid properties for better traffic safety.